Diabetes is quickly becoming an epidemic in the world. According to the Alabama Department of Public Health and Alabama Diabetes Association, in Alabama alone, approximately 610,458 people, 15.2% of the adult population, have diabetes. This greatly increases their health risk. Additionally, Alabama ranks in the top two of all states in percentage of people with diabetes. Each year, 31,000 people in Alabama are diagnosed with diabetes.

Alabama is generally regarded as one of two states with the highest percentage of diabetic people. This epidemic of patients diagnosed with diabetes is increasing yearly. Approximately 99% of patients with diabetes for 15 years have diabetic eye disease. Of patients with diabetic eye disease, approximately 25% are at risk of losing vision even to the level of blindness. The majority of these patients are unaware that they have diabetic eye disease until they suddenly lose their vision.

Diabetic studies have shown that perfect control of blood sugar can reduce diabetic eye complications by only 80%. Therefore, even the patients with perfect control of their blood sugar are still at risk for losing their vision. Control of blood pressure as well as cholesterol is essential in slowing down diabetic retinopathy. Without proper blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol control, patients have a much higher risk of going blind from diabetic damage.

It is very important for you to keep your diabetes monitored by regularly seeing a primary care doctor who can monitor and treat your diabetes.

We have a partnership with Good Samaritan Health Clinic in Northport, Alabama that treats the primary care needs of those medically uninsured and underserved patients with diabetes. To learn more about their clinic click HERE.